(sneak peeks) Amanda + Eric

7 Sep

I am sure by the time most of you are reading this, I am somewhere up in the clouds floating over the ocean somewhere. No, I haven’t gone to heaven (yet) but I am probably sipping a nice cold Coke and catching up on all the movies I have missed while reclining in my somewhat comfortable seat in cattle economy class.

So instead of me rambling on.. here is a couple that is dear to my heart and despite the craziness of the day (story when I have the full post up) and the rising temperatures, they never seemed to miss a beat with their love.


p.s. update – i’m still in Buffalo! freak weather conditions had pushed my flight out from Buffalo to JFK back and eventually it got cancelled. I was faced with two options, one was to travel anyway to JFK on a later flight and miss my connecting and wait at the airport for the next available flight back to SG. The other was to reschedule and then rebook everything. Thank God I chose the later option of rebooking rather than going in a blind hope that a seat would open up on the flight back to Singapore for tomorrow. Turns out that SQ is booked solid till the 11th of Sept. Would have prob ended up being a hobo or playing Tom Hanks in the Terminal heh!

Thank God I still have got a place to stay at here in Buffalo and still have friends around me! Singapore I’ll be back really soon!

Nikon D700
70-200mm f/2.8


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