(Lancaster Wedding) Tracie + Kirk

30 Aug

It was a glorious day worthy of the celebrations.. the little random outbursts of joy and laughter.. and randomness.. Friends and family made it from near and far to celebrate with them and toasted to their long-lasting joy and happiness.. and I have to say.. when your partner is an elk in Elkfest and you know that he is the one.. then this relationship can only and will be filled with random moments of spontaneity and joy. To Tracie and Kirk, best wishes and all the best!

A lil bit of back-story to this shot.. basically the entire wedding was in the church and the girls were getting in the chapel but due to religious reasons, they were not allowed to get changed in there. As such they had to run across that corridor to the choir room to get changed. As there were guests arriving and the guys getting dressed up at the other end of the hallway.. the bridesmaids formed a wall to shield the bride from curious eyes!

one really sweet moment at the end of the father-daughter dance.. Tracie’s dad had waited some 20+ years to make it right for his wife.. when on their wedding night, the band had played the wrong song for her father-daughter dance.. and he used this chance to finally correct the mistake and put on the right song for his wife’s father-daughter dance. I don’t think there wasn’t a dry eye in the room..

..and then the party started for real..

and there was a short and very funny song based on a polish tune wishing the blessings of the bride and groom..

For their web gallery and purchase options, go to Onion, photography & design‘s proof and purchase page: here!


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