(Brookfield Wedding) Sara + Matt

16 Jul

When she told her mum she was going on a date with him, her mum couldn’t get home fast enough to tell her father. But very quickly, he grew a place in their hearts as the one for her. He loved her and chased her patiently and on this day, finally could say that she was his wife. There were lots of smiles, stories and memories. Laughter that filled the air and tears of joy and emotion.. Thank you for letting me be a part of your very special day..

Let’s start off with a beautiful dress and some Jimmy Choo’s..

Guys looking suave..

Ladies looking stunning..

.. and then on to the first look..

A quiet moment amidst all the running around..

Brookfield Country Club had such pretty grounds..

then they signed the Ketubah which is a Jewish wedding contract in a small private ceremony surrounded by family and close friends..

followed by a more official and public ceremony with more family, friends and guests..

Beautiful reception hall thanks to Renee from Impressive Invites and Events. It was an amazing sight!

there was scarcely a dry eye throughout the toasts and many a joyful bouts of laughter

great parent-child dances with amazing music from Party of Nine

and it seems no Jewish wedding or event is complete with the Horah

For their web gallery and purchase options, go to Onion, photography & design‘s proof and purchase page: here!


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