Lazy Bones.. and New Looks

10 May

Haven’t felt this lazy for quite a while.. it has really been a while since I last took my camera out for a walk or myself for a run. The weather’s been getting better, there’s nice blooming of trees and flowers but somehow I seem so very attached to my bed. Perhaps its been reading Tom Clancy novels in my bed on my iPad.

230/365 - lazy bones

But I did get something done last week and shot a new profile shot for my Shutterd Pictures webpage section about myself. Heh. Well I did get a suggestion that the first one was too casual, the second too stern so I hope the time’s a charm! Props to Dylan for helping me with one!

229/365 - headshot redux

For the technical and the curious, this was the set up:

BTS: 229of365

Main light was the White Lightning into a gridded small softbox, we did try an on-axis fill with the reflective umbrella but took it off in the end, we also had a SB600 with the Lumiquest LTP boomed over me and a SB900 zoomed in as a kicker light.


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