Elections, Too Much Coffee.. and Learning From the Best

7 May

Woke up to a beautiful day and remember it was polling day back home, turned on my computer and iPad and watched the twitter feed go wild with results and comments. Got the coffee brewing and unknowingly consumed many a cup before it got my mind racing and responding to various tweets and facebook messages.

Guess it got kind of heated and I felt a strange sense of patriotic pride in me heh. Its strange how I felt this election than the last and because maybe from further away, the way I felt that about things that were back home and to the home I would go back to, how much change was needed.

Perhaps it was reading through the comments some of my friends made, that made me realize how much I needed to get my opinion out there, so many misconceptions, so much bias. But we are all of one nation, and we all should strive for progress, not for the party we voted for but for the entire nation.

227/365 - exciting times (for Singapore!)

Anyways, if you are interested in finding out how it all went, go HERE for the coverage and related videos. Singapore has been greatly blessed over the years with a stable and good government and although they have perhaps gotten a bit too comfortable in their position that this shake-up during this general election should give them a wake-up call to the needs and concerns of the people. Here’s to hoping for the best for the nation!

And then I had to carry on past the excitement of following the election and on to my plan for the weekend, which was to drop everything else I would be usually doing on the off-season weekend (like reading random stuff, watching tv series and just being plain lazy) and watch a course that I had purchased a month ago from creativeLive. When I bought it, I had a friend who had come over and was showing him around and I pre-purchased the course as I knew a) I wouldn’t be home most of the time to watch it, b) it was an honor and pleasure that my friend was halfway around the world spending his time with me so it best not that I would stuck to my computer screen.

228/365 - learning from the best

Jasmine Star is one of the best one can learn from, she has been open and not holding back much regarding her success, willing to share it with one and all. Already sitting through the first two hours, I’ve felt like its a wake-up call for myself to acknowledge problems with the business and my personal mindset.

Heh I guess its enough talk for now 😉 and back to the course! more to come later..


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