Tip Thursday: Live Ones

5 May

If you have been following for weeks for our Tip Thursday, I want to say thank you for reading and thanks for the encouragement you guys have been giving me. I would also apologize for missing nearly 2 months worth of Tip Thursdays, I would like to blame writer’s block but it wouldn’t be all fair on that noggin’ of mind.

There is also a very good reason I have been of air for a while and that is today’s first and biggest tip *shameless plug*

ShutterdPictures.com aka my website is NOW LIVE! exciting times and I have spent a couple of weeks, going through my pictures, picking them out and touching them up for the web. But fast forward to this week and it is finally up! So tip for you, go to the website, take a good look at it and let me know what you think of it and how I can further improve the website for your viewing pleasure.

226/365 - gearing up for a new look

Next, a great post by Kate from Chase Jarvis Blog about photoshoots and the art of production. She runs through her 12 tips for a smoother photo/video shoot which are a great reminder that we (photographer and crew) are just humans!

Have a plan. And a backup plan. Production is all about planning. The more organized you are ahead of time, the better and more smoothly your shoot will run. A great production is very front-loaded to allow time on set for you to focus on the shoot and deal with any surprises. Do your homework: think hard ahead time, anticipate possible challenges, run through the day in your head and preempt problems before stepping on set.

.. And that’s just the first point so click HERE to read the rest!

Jasmine Star also talks about Natural Light Photography, covering an engagement session that she shot recently in this blog post HERE

Have a great Thursday and weekend! (:


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