Website Woes

28 Apr

I do realize that its been a while since i’ve blogged anything. I guess it kinda snowballed when I had a friend who came over for half a week. Following weeks were just lots of work, assisting photographers as well as working on wedding albums and designing the backend of my own business. Then it came to me that I have to get my site started up!

Ever since I started Shutterd Pictures, I’ve never managed to put up a site heh. I guess its about time to, after years of procrastination! So right now, I am starting small by updating the theme for the blog. And after weeks of research and trying different website options like PhotoShelter, ShowItFast and liveBooks, I’ve decided to go with Photobiz! Each of them had their own merits and good points and it boiled down to affordability, customer service, practicality and customizablity (i think i invented the last point heh)

so we hope you stay tuned and continue to support us as we make this big step forward!

220/365 - yippee! it finally feels like spring


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