Tip Thursday: Growing Up + Second Shooter Tips

10 Mar

Last week Jasmine Star did a video about how she keeps the passion for her work alive and burning right as well as her second shooter’s tips for being a better and proactive second shooter.

She discusses the importance of building friendships and alliances after conferences, and keeping that passion for your work ablaze in this installment of Shooting Star:

And in this blog post (co-written by her husband and second shooter), she outlines 5 main points that would change a reactive second shooter to a great proactive second shooter!

1. Photographing ceremony location and ceremony details, while first shooter is photographing family portraits.
2. Photographing groomsmen individually, and collectively, with the groom.
3. Reception photos.
4. Assessing lighting situations in advance for first shooter
5. Creating a mental checklist of all detail photos and going over each look with first shooter.

Click HERE to read more!

Once again, I have to say how much I have learnt by reading her blog and hope you too will benefit from reading these as well!


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