Tip Thursday: Natural Reflectors + Essential HDDSLR Gear + Upcoming Online Workshops

3 Mar

Not having internet for a week has certainly made blogging much much harder as well as research and learning. Nevertheless I will still try to share what little I have learnt this week!

Jasmine Star talks a lot about using Natural Reflectors in her work. As I shoot a lot with ambient or available light, I found this particularly useful! Hope you will as well!

click HERE to read more!

Also Erik, Chase Jarvis‘ digital cinema guru brings you a tip about one really essential piece of equipment should you be interested in HDDSLR cinematography!

Zacuto Z-Finder
image from Chase Jarvis

If you are interested in making the move from stills to video using HDDSLR technology, do tune in this weekend Mar 4-6 for Vincent Laforet’s Workshop on CreativeLive

Watching it live (or on repeat/rewatch) is free! And there’s special promotional price before the course ends! I cannot tell you how much I have learnt from using CreativeLive as a learning resource, the instructors are great and content relevant to today’s industry.


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