Thoughts: Headspace

3 Feb

In psychology terms, this kinda means a person’s frame of mind. In other terms, it more commonly refers to a band of some sort. Punny huh?

Pretty much out of words here. its 2.40am and i can’t get to sleep. Thought I might have been a bit more tired thanks to the 4mi run that I did in the afternoon, but probably thanks to the 5pm nap i had before class, now i’m sleepless in Buffalo.

Well, not exactly sleepless. I just tend to wake up quite late the next day, which kills me. There’s quite a bit too do over the next few days and i’m not about to restart that pattern of “sleeping late, waking up EVEN later”

what has this gotta do with the picture? i don’t quite know. i’m just rambling on as it seems heh. fantastic headphones btw 😉

Thoughts: Headspace


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