New York City in Vintage Eyes

6 Jan

Was in NYC to celebrate the New Year and to do the countdown at Times Square, thought it would be good time to unwind down from a rather interesting and hectic year.

I love the new experiences i get each day, and i thank God for sustaining me through all these years. Thought I would give this set of photos a certain kind of feel, and peel back the layers and see them as vintage pieces, pieces I will (hopefully) tell my grandchildren about (heh!)

Without further ado, I present to you “NYC in Vintage Eyes”

NYCVintage-10 By the Waters

(images after the jump!)

NYCVintage-01 The Chill
The Chill

NYCVintage-02 Grand Central in Motion
Grand Central in Motion

NYCVintage-03 The World Doesn't Stand Still
The World Doesn’t Stand Still

NYCVintage-04 Sunset off Brooklyn Bridge
Sunset off Brooklyn Bridge

NYCVintage-05 Oh the Lights in the Distance!
Oh, the Lights in the Distance!
NYCVintage-06 White All Over
White All Over

NYCVintage-07 Abandoned

NYCVintage-08 Flushing Meadows
Flushing Meadows

NYCVintage-09 World Fair
World Fair

NYCVintage-10 By the Waters
By the Waters

NYCVintage-11 The Thaw
The Thaw

NYCVintage-12 On that Cold, Frosty Morning
On that Cold, Frosty Morn

NYCVintage-13 Watch Out
Watch Out

NYCVintage-14 The Waiting

NYCVintage-15 Riding the Rails
Riding the Rails

NYCVintage-16 A Day in the Park
A Day in the Park

NYCVintage-17 Run Free
Run Free

Thoughts: New York New York
They Go in Circles

NYCVintage-18 Central Park
Central Park

NYCVintage-19 They Shine So Bright
They Shine So Bright

I hope you enjoyed the set! Feel free to voice your opinions, I’d love to hear from you!


2 Responses to “New York City in Vintage Eyes”

  1. autonomousblogger January 6, 2010 at 2:34 am #

    I love “The Chill” and “Cold, Frosty Morning.”

  2. shelle January 27, 2010 at 9:48 pm #

    awesome photos….love the monochromes.

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