Thoughts: With This Ring, I Thee Wed

20 Dec

This was THE wedding of the year for me (: am absolutely thrilled that my cousin has finally tied the knot with the girl of his dreams. Great big family reunion 😀 with my aunt and family as well as myself and cousins flying all in to celebrate this occasion.

have never shot 17 hours in two days for a single wedding before, but when i was there, it never felt like that. crazy hectic, crazy fun (: i know you guys are still waiting to see the engagement session photos and they are on their way, just not tonight! heh!

in other good news, i got my spankin’ new macbook pro! *cheers* love it to bits!

but.. i forgot my other firewire cable (its still in buffalo) so have to get another card reader tmrw. also i think i kinda killed my shoot-thru ): owells, guess its time to put in my order for those westcotts!

p.s. just thot abt it, but square crop for this?

Thoughts: With This Ring, I Thee Wed


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