Air Grading Course 02/2009

21 Feb

Did a shoot recently for a friend and his coursemates, on their way to being pilots of the RSAF. Tried a more adventurous approach to this shoot, using a strobist set-up.

Now i wished i had more lights 😉 Special thanks to those who helped out on that day and all the best to the cadets! Hope to see you guys in the sky!


Strobist Info:
2 SB-800 with shoot-through umbrellas on sides of the group at 1/4 power
1 SB-800 with Lumiquest Softbox 3 over my head at 1/2
1 SB-800 bare at the back of the group at 1/8

(more images after the jump..)



Strobist Info for above 2 pictures:
1 SB-800 with shoot-through umbrella at 1/8
1 SB-800 with snoot at the right at 1/4
1 SB-800 behind at 1/16
1 SB-800 to my left at 1/8


Strobist Info:
1 SB-800 bare on stand at camera left at 1/2
3 SB-800 bare spread out evenly at 1/4


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