walkabouts :: rustic

20 Jun

Had a lil photo walkaround with my friends, settled on the theme of rustic buildings/environment in Singapore.

Our first stop: Marina South

Faded Memories
I remembered going there to have bbq-steamboat sessions with my friends and stuff. most memorably before i enlisted. now it all lies faded and in preparation to be torn down.

All Gone
Along with the makan (food-indulgence) sessions, we would maybe bowl a few games. high-fives and celebrations, laughter and amusement.

Shattered Glass.. Shattered Dreams..
Once a thriving food and entertainment hotspot, now all that is left are the remnants. the empty shell of the place.

Stopped Running
Nothing seems alive, nothing seems to be running.

(author’s note: i missed a great shot just to the left of this >.<)

Next Stop: City Hall, Capitol Building
What's The Subject Here?
Capitol Building/Cinema was a landmark around the city hall area. it is scheduled to be sold at the end of this year. walking along the back alley and chancing upon a movie ticket booth. Happened that all 3 of us were shooting so thot it would make an interesting juxtaposition.

Last Stop: Lim Chu Kang, Sarimbun Jetty
The Jump
Had a friend jump off the jetty for this shot (just kidding!)

Honestly, it was a side of Singapore i’ve never seen. Reminded me much of a childhood trip i took to Tanjung Pinang when i was 8.

Boat in the Water
an idle boat sits in the water. once again, its not a sight one sees often, if at all.


One Response to “walkabouts :: rustic”

  1. ee na June 20, 2008 at 8:05 pm #

    i like the boat pic! very un-singapore.

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