Finally in the News ;)

6 Mar

Was interviewed recently for an article involving students who specialise in wedding photography. It came out in a Chinese daily the day before (Lian He Zao Bao, 04 March 2008, ZB NOW) so i made a scan so you could see it (:  (yes that’s my ugly mug in the corner – the big spread is mine though 😉


In the article, i was highlighted as saying,
Apart from the fact that it is relatively easy to solicit business, there is much emotions and sentiments in doing a wedding shoot.  First year Singapore Institute of Management Business Studies student, Joel Lim (24 years old), claims that the ability to capture special meaningful moments are what drives him in sacrificing sleep over weekends.  He derives much satisfaction from seeing happy customers.”

and further down,
Joel Lim feels that one should never appoint a photographer base on the type of equipment and hardware he owns.   An excellent photographer is one who communicates clearly and the ability to draw stories from the images.

Owells.. there was a chance i would have had another interview but it got canned so heh, this will do 😉 


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